SBIR Projects

Terra Engineering usually bids on one or two DOD SBIR projects per cycle. We try to offer innovative solutions instead of traditional approaches. We do not have a core product that we adapt to different SBIR programs. Instead, we take our existing mechanisms, electronics, controllers and analysis and combine them in different ways to meet the requirements of the proposed SBIR. The pictures below show some of the innovative designs Terra Engineering has proposed:

The picture above shows a lightweight steerable gun mount based on a Stewart platform. The innovation in this design is not just in the parallel mechanism, it is in the custom actuators. Terra Engineering’s actuators provide extraordinary bandwidth (> 1000 Hz) at small stroke and 50 Hz ¬†at large stroke to support both precision pointing and active vibration suppression.

The picture above show a Terra Engineering design for a portable three rotor vertical axis wind turbine. What made this design unique was the materials used in both the structure and blades. The goal of this system was to minimize the radar signature so both the overall height and material radar response drove the design.

The picture above shows a custom low profile hybrid diesel electric vehicle designed to host target silhouettes on tank and artillery ranges. The drive, suspension and power systems for this design were based on our existing TerraHawk family of vehicles. What makes this design unique is the ability to handle rough terrain with large stroke independent suspension and omni-directional steering.

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