AccuFlip (r) Pistol Trainer


In 2014, I purchased my first pistol. At an introductory class, an instructor noted that I was a decent shot, however, at my age I had very little chance of being competitive. As much as I would like to participate in competitions for fun, I am determined to be as safe as possible for myself and my family. Among other things, that means accuracy.

With my background in robotics and controls, I knew I could design a product to help train myself to be as accurate as possible. After months of research and development in 2016, the hybrid mechanical/electronic AccuFlip (r) was born.

What you see below is the third generation prototype specifically designed for improving static accuracy. In most cases, the targets are installed from largest in the front to smallest in the back. When you hit the first target, it falls down and reveals a slightly smaller target. The smaller target forces slightly better fundamentals (stance, breathing, grip and trigger discipline).  You can monitor your progress with a phone, tablet or laptop. Targets can be swapped in a matter of seconds.

img_1567 accuflipprototype6_26_2016 accuflipwebsw6_26_2016

The prototype AccuFlip has been extensively tested by shooters that spanned the spectrum from amazingly accurate to new novice. Every user that was unsure of the utility of the device ended up getting better and having fun. There were some repeated suggestions from users that have been incorporated into the AccuFlip 1.0 production design:

  1. The number one suggestion was to add the ability to not only practice follow up shots, but also to shift focus laterally.
  2. The cost of the standard AccuFlip unit is expected to be about the same as a Sig P226 9mm pistol with accessories (~$1200). Many users suggested that a bare bones unit (no WiFi, wood stand built by customer, 4 stations instead of 6) as shown could allow more people to take advantage of what the training the system offers. This bare bones unit (~$800) could be upgraded later.


The standard 6 target unit shown below comes with the features listed:

  • Automatic reset
  • WiFi for control and to select training method
  • Full set of targets and pivots
  • Battery sized for a minimum of 12 hours and 200 resets
  • Collapsible stand

version2close1   version2onstand1  version2standfolded1

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